Friday, June 04, 2010

Alaska Bound

I will be taking a trip to Alaska this summer. I will be visiting the towns of Juneau and Skagway.
If anyone has been to these places before and has any recommendations on photo opportunities
please post them.

Jim K.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Share your stories

Passions - We all have them. Some of us have the same passions while others have
different passions.

One of my passions is taking photographs. I have loved photography since I was a child.

Another of my passions is wildlife conservations. The human world is expanding and
unfortunately the animals are the ones most effected by this.

A third passion is to give back to those less fortunate. Through my photography business I give a portion of the profit from each order to charity. As my business grows I plan to increase the percentage that goes to charity. The way I look at it is I am taking photographs often of wildlife and able to give to those less fortunate. What more can I ask for.

I frequent the many zoos and parks throughout the U.S. capturing the beauty that
surrounds us. One of my goals is to visit every certified (by AZA) U.S. zoo. in my lifetime.

Please post some of your photography passions and experiences.

Look forward to hearing your stories.

Jim Kochis
Photos From Nature